This is a test post. To put some oil through the pipes.

You’re reading the first official BLOG post about this journey. Where’d it all start?

Up until 2016, I’d designed all my games on paper. Going through reams of A4, re-tracing, and lots of felt and ink pens. OZ Quiz. Brit Quiz. Dare. The Truth Hurts (A Fail), A Bit Sketchy (Epic fail) And The Video Board Games Nightmare, ATMOSFEAR, The Harbingers, Rap Rat, and the party game Shocked & Horrified (Another epic fail) all started out on paper.

I’ve always been into digital but the surfaces and stylus’ just didn’t seem right. Then I got my hands on an ipadPro and an ipencil. And an app called ProCreate. That changed everything. The combination just felt right.

My first drawing was what I called a Mullet Pider. Made in November, 2016. A spider, with a mullet going. This was when ‘Carny Island’ first happened. I knew I wanted to do a video game.

I knew I wanted to set it in an old amusement park. I knew I wanted to animate it. I just didn’t know how. Or what.

I’ve learnt a helluva lot since then and the reason you’re reading this now, is I’m starting to put Carny Island out in the world, towards a Kickstart campaign. I’m going to add the latest ‘spider’, drawn on the latest ipad in Vector in Adobe Fresco. And animated in Motion. Pony calls him Vicious Sid. And suggested he blinks. With eight eyes, he blinks at different speeds. He’s named after the late Sid from the Sex Pistols. He’s a funnel web spider. Uniquely Australia. They jump. When I was growing up, they are much feared. Along with the Redback. (Which is also found on Carny Island). They used to be deadly/lethal. I think they’ve found anecdotes since. But if you get bitten on Carny, you’re too far from civilisation so you’re fucked anyway.

Yes. Carny is filled with profane remarks and laced with power humour. So you have been warned.

FYI: Sid attacks if you don’t use POW (Insecticide) on a grave after breaking through the slab.

A Mullet Pider
Australian Redback Spider
The Australian Redback Spider

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