The Body Parts System.

An entire human body, including all organs, bones, muscles, ligaments etc is worth about $45m.

You win body parts by harvesting graves, by a spin of ‘the wheel’, from a secret CIA drop gone astray of prosthetics and robotics, or on Gweedo’s Black Market.

If you pick up one too many hearts, you can off-load (sell or swap them) at Gweedo’s.

Prices can vary wildly.

For stage 1 of Carny Island (Crookwood), we are only going to build a monster purely from vital organs and prosthetics/robotics.

The freshness of the organs depends on how fresh the grave is.

If you can raid a funeral, scare off the mourners and harvest the body before it goes into the ground, those organs are nice and ripe. 

These are called Stage 1. They’re fresh, plump and red.

Stage 2. The organs are blue.

Stage 3. The organs are brown and frizzled.

Stage 4. They’re fossilised. 

When you first set out, any organs harvested are deposited in ‘home brewery’ of old fish tanks, science beakers and jars, which are ‘oxygenated’ by rudimentary pumps.

As you advance, this system morphs into a more advanced tank which speeds the organ ’s recovery process. 

Old organs can be rejuvenated by giving them plenty of nutrition. (This is the first hint of Carny Island evolving into a SIM)

Regularly feeding them with organ food like Flesh Flakes, Blood Pills, Marrow and Uncle Shrift’s Gizzard Herbs.

A fossilised organ will need to be fed eight times to return it to a healthy state.

A decaying green organ will need to be fed six times.

A blue organ will need to be fed four times. 

You can only feed your organs once, then you will need to return to the game and continue playing before you can return to feed them again. This is to prevent gorging.

Like Weapons and GraveRobbing Tools, the organ icons only appear when you’re on the Organ Tank screen. 

The Organ tank screen can be accessed at any time by clicking on the score bubble on the top right hand corner of the frame. 

Click on the individual organ to access it.

The current value of the organ will be displayed in the score bubble.

Select the food, then click the big Red Action Button

CAUTION: Uncle’s Herbs appear to work BUT if a player feeds any organs these herbs, they contain a virus which breaks out when they’re ultimately transplanted into the monster, infecting and killing it. You read it here first.

Once you have collected enough fresh organs and prosthetics/robotics, your monster is automatically assembled – accompanied by lots of flashing lights and sound effects. GAME WON!

Price List (Bold indicates mandatory parts to build monster in Stage 1)

Ears – $10 each

Appendix – $25

Nose – $75

Teeth – $75

Brain – $150

Hand/Forearm (Sold Together) – $385

Stomach – $500

Spleen – $508 (Nice but not necessary)

Sperm (Live) – $600

Scalp – $607

Skull with Teeth – $1,200

Gall Bladder – $1,219

Human Hair (Bag of) $1,450

Eyeballs (With original Cornea) $1,500

Coronary Artery – $1,525

Small Intestine – $2,519

Blood (All ten pints) $3,370

Testicles (Both) $5,000

Entire Skeleton – $7,500

Egg (1) $5,000 – $50,000

Cornea – $30,000

Bone Marrow – $23,000 per-gram

Skin – $10 per square inch

Penis – $75,000

Womb (Rental) $100,000

Pancreas – $110,000

Kidney – $200,000

Lung – (Per Unit) $272,000

Large Intestine (Colon) $800,000

Heart – $1,050,000

Liver – $157,000

Small Intestine – $2,519

Scalp – $600

Gall Bladder – $1,200

Shoulder – $500