Carny Island is where all commercial BS comes to die.

At every stage of the game, you get to nail a capitalistic creature – a western myth marking and celebrating that ‘family holiday’ event, ironically falling every quarter, and designed to make you buy stuff.

Like chocolate eggs and bunnies.

Uncle Shrift’s mission, like your’s, is to kill off as much of this rubbish as possible. (It’s about the only thing you two have in common).

In this segment, he’s caught an Easter Bunny in Crookwood.

This scene turned out to be a lot more involved than I planned but it helps establish the underlying current of the game.

It gives you a longer look at Shrift’s attic.

And reveals he has a weakness for Black Dog Moonshine.

Can’t get enough of the stuff.

Which is the first clue to playing the game that I’ll share: Get Shrift absolutely motherless drunk, throw Mongril a few bones and that’s the secret to totally desecrating Eunice McPhee‘s grave.