‘Hello World’ is one of the first things you learn to execute in coding.

Not that I’m a programmer, by any means. Or any stretch.

I failed miserably in understanding GameMaker Studio and I struggle with the logic of BuildBox – the no-code/drag n’ drop app I’ve chosen to prototype a lot of the game play on Carny Island.

Still. I thought this was an apt title to mark this really important milestone: Deciding on the voice for Uncle Shrift.

OK. I get it powerfully. Carny is not everybody’s cup of tea.

It’s laced with profanity and spills a lot of blood and guts and gore.

It shits on graves and we execute Santa Clause in the first 20 seconds.

My sister in-law has banned her kids from even viewing it.

But nothing on Carny Island actually…dies.

It all takes place in a ‘dark ride’ run by ‘carnies’ and hosted by Uncle Shrift – a failed 90’s game show host.

I’m Australian with an unusually dark Australian sense of humour.

I’m actually at home in graveyards. I like them. I’ve no idea why.

The board for the Video Board Game Nightmare was a graveyard that sat on my desk for 12 months before I struck on the idea of adding video.

All the games I’ve done were a bit crazy and zany.

I wanted a voice that reflected this.

And that voice took a long, long time to find.

A big shout out to Abe from Abe’s Audio. Thanks mate!! We’ve worked with Abe for almost a decade now. I briefed him on the game; he sorted through his stable of talented artists and hit me back with two possible voices.

The instant I heard Will’s character voice, I knew we had found Uncle Shrift.

It was Australian with a distant, subtle ‘take-the-piss’ feel.

Good luck or good management?

I reckon it is a combination of both.

I’ve been drawing and thinking and revising and re-drawing for seven years.

I’m right out on the edge of the ledge and way past the point of no return. I’m committed.

I have absolutely no idea of how much we will need to raise.

I do know I will have to storyboard every scenario to be able to even ballpark a budget.

Video games are horrendously hard to forecast costs for because the art form evolves so rapidly and exponentially.

Even the big triple A studios fail in budgeting on tried and tested franchises.

It is 10.45pm on Friday, April 10. Easter.

To launch this project on Kickstarter, we’ll need at least 1,000 dedicated fans.

I have 13 followers on FB, Insta and TT. Thank you to all 13.

The art and scenes and game play have now got some real flow.

The essence of Carny Island is taking down all the socially correct platforms of western, capitalistic BS.

It ain’t about religion, skin colour or country.

Because ONLY when we get rid of all these labels will humanity truly rise.

So here’s a thumb in the eye to the establishment.

Welcome to Carny Island.