Picking up where we left off, with attempt 2.

Our Villain (fuck hero) returns to the scene of the crime to have another crack.

We see the GraveRobbers ride where the game takes place.

We get a wider look at Uncle Shrift‘s room, showing a bank of security monitors and a control desk with some big red buttons in the attic.

Our villain’s silhouettes have been upadated.

We here chickens for the first time.

Mongril has an extended crap on Eunice’s grave.

Crookwood is now being swept with night-vision/movement detection cameras we will need to dodge and we start picking up some gear.

I have left the headstone intact in this scene as once you have plundered a grave you will be able to re-name the headstone with anybody who’s on your shit list. (Not necessarily all the other players).

A zombie (played by a carnie) can also be seen, along with a sleeping bum.

And for the first time, we hear Uncle Shrift. Shout out to Abe from Abe’s Audio. Thanks mate.